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Happiness Happens

Jun 21, 2022

How can you decide it’s your turn? Whether that be in life, business, relationships, money, or any other part of your life – do you feel deserving? Does it feel like it’s your turn?


Joining me for this powerful conversation is Christina Lecuyer, who shares so much magic, insight and perspective around building confidence and resilience, so you can finally decide it’s your turn.


Christina is a former professional golfer turned Confidence and Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Host of “Decide It’s Your Turn: The Podcast”. 


Through one-on-one coaching, Decide It’s Your Turn: The Mastermind, speaking and in person retreat’s Christina helps you shatter limiting beliefs, become more confident, and holds you accountable to creating and executing your most purposeful and profitable life!


We get into:

  • [2:35] What happiness means to Christina
  • [5:20] Why we always have a choice and how to actually CHOOSE something different
  • [9:50] How the healing journey evolves and changes as we go through it
  • [10:40] The importance of taking the next step
  • [11:55] How to release control but still have trust
  • [17:10] The  power of keeping the small promises we make to ourselves
  • [22:50] Balancing masculine and feminine energies


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