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Happiness Happens

Oct 19, 2020

Jack's journey towards becoming a coach has been an eventful one. At Univesity, he was very much a party man, drinking and taking drugs without any real thought to it. He then went onto working in the city of London, and pretty much doing a similar thing.


He then escaped and went traveling to which he lived with...

Oct 12, 2020

In the past Johanna used to work for Fortune 100 companies like Apple in event management in the US until her life took a big turn through the experience of an autoimmune disease called alopecia (hair loss). As conventional medicine failed her, she took matters in her own hands and started gathering knowledge about...

Oct 5, 2020

Matthew Baniak is the Founder of Still Water Alchemy - a holistic business centered on transforming the Mind, Body, and Soul through increased awareness and knowledge of one’s self, and breaking self-imposed limiting beliefs.


Matthew specializes in Astrology & Tarot, and offers accountability and support through...