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Happiness Happens

Dec 7, 2021

What is the joy of missing out? What happens when you take a break from the internet? 


Christina Crook joins me on the podcast this week to talk about digital detoxes, clearing our space and energy, and how our overconsumption of digital media impacts our happiness significantly.


Christina Crook, also known as “The Marie Kondo of Digital” by Harper’s Bazaar, is a pioneer and leading voice in the field of digital well-being. 


She is the award-winning author and regularly shares her insights about technology and our daily lives in international media including The New York Times, Psychology Today, and Harper's Bazaar. 


We talk about:

  • How a 31 day break from the internet was the reset Christina needed to spark newfound purpose and creativity
  • How Christina put firm boundaries back in place after this technology detox
  • Tips to detoxing your energy field and space
  • How digital media impacts our overall happiness
  • Ways to integrate more technology-free joy into your life

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