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Happiness Happens

Jul 26, 2020

Melissa helps other women and couples overcome financial stress and debt using simple concepts.

The ideas she shares are to help you take your money mindset to the next level. When she isn't building business relationships and helping clients you can find her traveling, spending time with her dog #levithewoof, or at a local coffee shop.

Currently she is working on launching "The Shane and Melissa Show" (early June 2020), and expanding her community in a constructive way. 

In this episode:

  • Why people are afraid to talk about money
  • How to start to change your money mindset and Mell’s key tips
  • How to shift your money mindset and get back on the same page as a couple
  • The power of budgeting
  • How to plan where your money goes 
  • Organizing and paying your down your debt





  • Secrets of the millionaire mind
  • You are a badass at making money
  • Think and grow rich
  • The millionaire nextdoor
  • Rich dad, poor dad