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Happiness Happens

Jul 5, 2020

Bekah is a spiritual business coach and podcast host of Follow Your Heart Podcast.


She helps lightworkers, starseeds and coaches grow their online coaching business through Instagram. She was a successful corporate and saleswoman who reaches financial success only to find herself unhappy and burnout, leading her to spirituality.


She empowers others to use their unique gifts to create their own success from a place of love and alignment through her Passion to Profit course and by working with clients 1 on 1.


In this episode:

  • Bekah's transition from working in corporate America and making a quarter of a million dollars yearly to becoming a spiritual business coach
  • Her definition of true success and aligning with yourself
  • How to start and evolve your spiritual path and how to own your spiritual side while running a business
  • Concepts of Human Design and how it shifted her business and connection to self
  • Balancing masculinity and femininity energy in your life and your business