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Happiness Happens

May 31, 2020

Kerri Scott is an author, blogger and fashion designer. Law of attraction and spirituality are her passion and she loves to write and speak about how she is learning to live in alignment with source.


Kerri truly believes each of us are reflected in every conversation, in every person we meet and even in posts we see as we scroll through social media. When we are able to observe these interactions, we get to know ourselves, witness our growth and know what inner conversations to shift.


She recently completed her debut book called “Celebrate Your Grief, Transforming Your Loss into Self-Love” which is available for pre-order now!


In this episode:

  • Kerri's journey with grief and loss and how she found beauty in painful circumstances
  • Grief as the catalyst to writing her book
  • The process Kerri took to write her new book
  • How grief led her into her spiritual journey
  • Developing more awareness and using the law of attraction
  • How to support someone experiencing grief