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Happiness Happens


I'm a storyteller and life influencer with a passion for people (I really, really like people)!

Taking control of my life fuels my soul. I've taken back the power I once gave to negativity, judgement and not being appreciative of my life, and have transformed my thoughts, feelings and perspectives by immersing myself in a journey to self-love and acceptance. My goal is to help others do the same thing too!

The Happiness Happens podcast is your daily dose of motivation for a happier, more inspired life. We decide the stories we tell ourselves and where our energy is invested. The stories we tell ourselves define us and the life we want to live. Don't like your story? Change it. Want a life that gets you excited? Make it happen. 

My obsession with finding my purpose in life has led me here, to this podcast and to you! It's time to cultivate a positive mind for a more inspired life. I'm so grateful you popped in!