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Happiness Happens

Mar 8, 2020

Comeback Snacks all started when Emily O’Brien went to prison.

Before, Emily was an entrepreneur and social media professional, having created her own firm at a young age and enjoyed great success. Regrettably, addiction caused her to make some poor choices that culminated in a four-year jail term. 

As her sentence began, Emily made it her mission to transform herself, get clean, and make a positive difference during her term. “I didn’t know how I’d make a difference at the time,” says Emily, “but I knew I would find something I cared about that would benefit from a purpose-driven facelift.”

Her  web TV series CRIMINALLY-ACCLAIMED has also been launched on YouTube.

In this episode:

  • Emily's story of resilience, self-discovery, perseverance and grit
  • How Comeback Snacks was created, built and marketed while she was in prison
  • How she's changing the story for people who have been or are currently incarcerated 
  • How following the path meant for her is taking her business to the next level in 2020

Learn more about Emily and Comeback Snacks by following her on Instagram at or by heading to the website at