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Happiness Happens

May 17, 2020

Talia is a multi-passionate self-made entrepreneur! She is a dementia specialist gone online business coach, going where ever God takes her.


She is living her dream of changing the world of gerontology one senior at a time! But she didn’t stop there, she completed what she thought her life mission was, so she decided to tackle something bigger. She is now an online business coach for women wanting to create their dream business, create irresistible offer, and get seen in front of their dream clients.


In this episode: 

  • Talia's unique path and how it shifted her life and business
  • Her secrets to building and sharing an offer that's exciting and impactful
  • How to build authority in your niche
  • Key tips for launching your offer
  • Ways to continuously grow and learn
  • Authenticity as the root of success
  • Creating space in your life to reconnect


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