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Happiness Happens

Apr 27, 2020

Originally born and raised in North East Georgia, Olivia Howard moved to New York at the age of 18 and never looked back.

Not quite sure what direction she was going to take, she found herself testing out several career paths all while working in the restaurant industry to survive. She worked her way up from a hostess, waitress, bartender to finally events/reservations. Events were great, but Olivia was really getting run down by the restaurant industry life style and the passion wasn’t there.

One day, she had to put together several flower arrangements for a work event when she suddenly realized that was going to be the happiest part of her day. She put in her 2 weeks notice at restaurant the next day. She worked to create her dream business in the floral industry and the rest is history!


In this episode:

  • How she fell into her business by accident 
  • The steps she took to build her dream business
  • Community as an essential part of building her business
  • Facing fear and taking the leap into the unknown
  • Building happiness through routine
  • How she's navigating Coronavirus