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Happiness Happens

Jun 14, 2022

Let’s talk about Sex, Drugs and Radical Self Expression.


In this episode, Barry Magliarditi joins me for a powerful conversation about building a life that is truly authentic to you. He talks about his rock bottom moments and what he did to pull himself out of it.


Barry understands how our ‘inner game’ dictates the quality of our experience of life, and is dedicated to inspiring and guiding others to reach their fullest potential by upgrading their own internal beliefs, attitudes, and spiritual connection.


Since founding global coaching enterprise The Game Changers in 2012, Barry has mentored 1,000s of business owners to scale to multiple 7 figures (and beyond) while creating a life of more balance, freedom, and fulfillment.


Today, he heads up several multi-million dollar companies, and is actively involved in facilitating the rapid growth of several additional business interests all while working less than 1 day per week.


Barry also hosts podcasts The Comeback Game and The Tradie Business School, which have hit over 2 million downloads.


We get into:

  • [1:35] What happiness means to Barry
  • [3:35] The pivotal moment where Barry knew he wanted something more for his life
  • [10:00] Barry’s rock bottom: filing for bankruptcy and his partner leaving him
  • [12:20] Living a life fully expressed
  • [14:00] Barry’s book: Sex, Drugs and Radical Self Expression
  • [20:10] How to live happier every day, starting today

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