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Happiness Happens

Jun 7, 2022

It’s no secret that we internalize other people’s stories about us as truth. So much so that oftentimes we believe what they’re saying and create it as part of our reality.


My guest, Ana McRae, is challenging this narrative, and shares why it’s so important to look deeply at the stories we believe to be true about ourselves. It impacts our happiness, our relationships, and our entire lives.


Ana is a life & business success coach for high level CEOs and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to accomplish more in life & business. After quitting her corporate job in the middle of a pandemic, starting her business with two kids under the age of 5, and scaling it beyond 6 figures working 15 hours a week while converting a school bus from start to finish into a luxury tiny house on wheels to travel full time, Ana firmly believes that whatever your dream life looks like, it is 100% possible for you when you go all in. 


Through her 1:1 coaching programs she supports ambitious women with getting clear on what they actually want, overcoming their limiting beliefs, elevating their energy, and staying focused on their wildest goals, so that they can lead thriving businesses & live fulfilling lives too.


We get into:

  • [1:00] What happiness means to Ana
  • [8:30] Debunking societal narratives around success and working hard
  • [11:15] The biggest misconceptions entrepreneurs have about happiness
  • [20:00] Key mindset shifts for entrepreneurs to make to achieve more happiness
  • [29:00] How the conversation around happiness changes from generation to generation


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