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Happiness Happens

Jan 25, 2022

Let’s face it - we all have trauma, deep-rooted stories and beliefs we have about ourselves that aren’t necessarily ours.


Some of us heal these things, some of us don’t, but what we can all empathize with is that sometimes, life’s stressors can take their toll on our mental wellbeing. 


We’re talking about mental health today, in a very raw and real way, with Carissa Harrison.


Carissa is a luxury art saleswoman and the host of comedy and mental health podcast... Meet my Mess! She was born in Vancouver, Canada but doesn't like to stay in one place. At 22 years old, Carissa values world travel, deep conversations, self-work and above all enjoying what life has to offer.


Join Carissa and I as we go into:

  • Why happiness is the sum of all things in our lives put together 
  • Bringing authenticity to hard conversations on her Meet My Mess Podcast
  • Why therapy is important and challenging the stigma around it
  • How to handle the really hard things life throws at you



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