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Happiness Happens

Nov 30, 2021

Well friends, we’ve made it to my 30th birthday! When I started my podcast, it was at the start of my Saturn return when I was 27 -- and I can’t even believe where I am today.


It blows my mind to think about how much can transform and change in your life when you tap into your soulful self and let yourself go on a journey to self discovery.


I’ve learned so many things up until this point, and I’ve summarized all five of them in this week’s episode. It’s the things I wish I knew when I was younger, but also the things I’m so grateful to have learned along the way.


That’s the point, right? To take what we’ve learned and share it with those around us!


I dive into:

  • How quickly things can change in three years
  • Why it’s important to LOVE your birthday
  • Why it’s okay to let friendships go
  • What boundaries can bring into your life
  • How developing real self love can transform your life
  • Why you should let yourself feel and experience every emotion


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