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Happiness Happens

Nov 9, 2021

This week’s podcast episode is a solo episode with me, your host, Simona!


I’ve learned a LOT over the last year and have faced so many inner challenges that I’ve had to continuously bring to the surface and move through so I could really heal and step into the next phase of my life.


I learned this year that I have serious control issues and that’s here my fear of letting go comes from. I hate making mistakes and I let this fear control and take over my life in so many areas.


I hit burnout, hard. And then the sadness and darkness set in so quickly, I couldn’t even catch it. While I’m in a much better headspace now, I wanted to do an episode about how to find security within ourselves, especially when everything externally feels chaotic and out of control.


I dive into:

  • How burnout and stress creeps into the body
  • Why internal security helps you make sound business decisions 
  • Why hiring on my team was really hard for me and how I moved through it
  • My 3 tips to help you find lasting security within yourself
  • How I practice self care (it’s not the cookie cutter answer you’re expecting!)


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