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Happiness Happens

Nov 2, 2021

In this week’s episode, I sit down with Bill Reiman.


After an injury ended his college football career, he changed course. He dabbled in sales at a car dealership, but knew this wasn’t his path. He decided to go back to college and finished with a degree in business management and marketing from the University of South Florida.


With a proven sales track record of millions in residential home sales and vacant land sales at a young age, he knows how to market and sell his client's property using modern marketing strategies to get a property in front of more eyes.


Bill also specializes in new home construction and is currently a builder for award-winning R.K. Reiman Construction, Inc. The company’s focus is on the long-term relationships, service, and quality they deliver to every customer.


Bill is also the host of The Real Build Podcast, where he teaches people what they need to look for before buying, building, or selling a home. His mission is to help people with one of the most significant investments of their lives and be their guide for a smooth process.


Listen in as we talk about: 

  • How to create a memorable and irreplicable customer experience
  • The difference that good communication and listening makes
  • Why you need a team and how to value your team members 
  • Tips to empower your team to reach their own goals
  • How to maximize your time without hitting burnout


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