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Happiness Happens

Sep 21, 2021

In this week’s episode, I chat with Carly Stansell, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Life and Success Coach, and NLP Practitioner. 


She has dedicated her life to change work and it’s her absolute passion! Nothing makes her happier than helping beautiful women recognize their true worth. 


However, as a therapist, she often questioned why it took so long for her clients to reach their outcomes or overcome their challenges. They would get stuck in their story and allow it to fully consume them at an identity level, hindering them from progression.


Through her coaching, she helps ambitious, purpose-driven women, dive into their subconscious minds and break through those limiting beliefs, easily and effortlessly. They learn to fall in love with themselves again and manifest a reality they are excited about waking up to every morning. 


She takes a holistic approach to healing utilizing EFT, hypnosis, NLP, and time techniques. 


Listen in as we talk about: 

  • The powerful connection between the brain and energy
  • What is NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • How NLP can help reprogram the mind
  • Why traditional talk therapy isn’t always enough
  • Why we can get re-triggered by the same life events over again, and how to transmute that thought


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