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Happiness Happens

Apr 19, 2021

This podcast touches on so many topics to help you better your life and business, so this week we’re talking how to launch a profitable podcast. 


I’ve created an incredible freebie that you can download, that’s called The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Podcast in 8 Weeks. You can find the link to snag your copy in the shownotes.


I created this freebie because the number one thing I hear from my clients and from people who want to start a podcast is “where do I even start”? So, I combined some of my best tips to help you take the guesswork out, so you can stay doing what you love, which is creating the podcast of your dreams!


So this week we’re chatting about how to launch a podcast.  While I can’t give you all of my tips in this episode, I’ve broken the main ones down into 3 categories.

  1. Lay the foundation
  2. Know your audience
  3. Have a launch plan 


When I plan launches for my clients, I create a two-month launch plan. This ensures a warm audience, and lots of time to create the assets and content you need. I know you’ll want to launch as soon as possible, but without the right plan in place your launch risks not having the kind of impact you want it to. 


If you’re looking for more guidance on how to launch, grow, monetize or manage your podcast, feel free to book a 30 min discovery call in the shownotes. 


I also offer consultation calls, which you can also book at the link in the shownotes