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Happiness Happens

Dec 6, 2020

Colby Sharma, LL.B., is a law graduate from the University of Liverpool, an international traveler and a philosopher. His new novel, titled The Curveball, inspires readers through timeless lessons. The title of the book is a perfect analogy compared to our current reality with covid. 


Colby candidly shares about his experience writing and publishing his book, and the incredible lessons he learned about perseverance and staying the course.


In this episode:

  • Growing up with a learning disability 
  • The process of writing his book called The Curveball
  • How to write a novel that pushes the plot forward and creates depth 
  • The pivotal life lessons you’ll learn when reading the book
  • What the book is about from Colby’s perspective  
  • How to get your book from concept to editing and then publishing
  • How to start your dream when you don’t know how
  • The obstacles to true happiness



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