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Happiness Happens

Nov 29, 2020

Julie Schooler is an author of 9 self-help and parenting books and mama of 2 beautiful tiny humans.


She wants you to rediscover YOUR sparkle so is on a mission to help busy people have all the love, energy and fun they deserve without the guilt or overwhelm.


Julie lives with her family in New Zealand, a small, magnificent country at the bottom of the world, where you may find her trying to bake the world’s best chocolate brownie. 


Connect with her – search for ‘Julie Schooler’ on the socials and say hi or visit her at her home on the Internet at  


In this episode:

  • How to work through the feelings of losing your job
  • How to create change in your life even when money is tight
  • The creation of her new book called Rediscover Your Sparkle
  • Ways you can rediscover your sparkle
  • The importance of celebrating every moment
  • Tips to creating your goals for 2021