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Happiness Happens

Oct 19, 2020

Jack's journey towards becoming a coach has been an eventful one. At Univesity, he was very much a party man, drinking and taking drugs without any real thought to it. He then went onto working in the city of London, and pretty much doing a similar thing.


He then escaped and went traveling to which he lived with the Monks for 5 days, which was a turning point into his own consciousness. After a quick stop working in Australia, he returned home and created a six figure e-commerce business within nine months. Throughout this whole process, he was dipping into spirituality, the ego, and finding out what his purpose is. This led him to shut down his E-commerce business, investing heavily in a mentor, and help other businesses grow by tapping into their higher self and living a more fulfilled life. 


In this episode:

  • The transition into shutting down his six-figure e-commerce business
  • How living as a Monk changed his life
  • Jack’s take on being a performance coach 
  • Why people self sabotage
  • How you reprogram your subconscious thoughts
  • The magic of being more gracious and kind to yourself
  • Taking a hold of your life and doing what you want to