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Happiness Happens

Oct 12, 2020

In the past Johanna used to work for Fortune 100 companies like Apple in event management in the US until her life took a big turn through the experience of an autoimmune disease called alopecia (hair loss). As conventional medicine failed her, she took matters in her own hands and started gathering knowledge about everything connected to health and wellness. 


After two and a half years of trial and error with natural and holistic methods she managed to completely reverse the disease. Since then she became a health coach and started Alopecia Angel in order to help others to overcome health struggles in a natural way. Johanna also hosts workshops at companies and is a speaker about health, stress management and mindfulness.


In this episode

  • Johanna’s unexpected journey with alopecia 
  • Finding holistic ways to heal her alopecia 
  • The topics we don’t talk about when it comes to alopecia 
  • How autoimmune diseases are formed
  • Diet and a healthy routine to support a healthy lifestyle 
  • The affects of stress on the body