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Happiness Happens

Oct 5, 2020

Matthew Baniak is the Founder of Still Water Alchemy - a holistic business centered on transforming the Mind, Body, and Soul through increased awareness and knowledge of one’s self, and breaking self-imposed limiting beliefs.


Matthew specializes in Astrology & Tarot, and offers accountability and support through Life Coaching. Through connection to both the Spiritual and Physical Realms of Consciousness, Matthew provides his clients with the tools and knowledge needed to cultivate Success, Vitality, and Love so they can reach their full potential and acquire whatever life they desire.


In this episode:

  • Accessing your past life 
  • How to find your sun, moon and rising sun sign
  • Perfection and action in entrepreneurship
  • Tapping into and trusting your intuition 
  • What retrogrades are and how they work
  • What this retrograde is calling for
  • How to honour your time and space
  • Moons, new moons and aligning to the moon