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Happiness Happens

Sep 7, 2020

Matt (Mattarot) is a Creative Arts Therapist, Certified Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.


He previously came onto the podcast towards the end of 2019 and shared so much insight, wisdom and love, that we had to have him back again.


This time, the conversation was more centered around the collective, personal growth and healing of the collective, as well as ourselves. 


In this episode:

  • Energetic and healing properties of crystals
  • Signs that you’re intuitively connected and how that manifests 
  • How to tap into and access intuitive parts of yourself
  • How we get signs from the universe
  • Spiritual tools that can be culturally appropriated
  • How the collective has changed and is changing
  • The purpose of the events happening in the world right now
  • Why love and light isn’t enough anymore
  • What spiritual bypassing is and why it’s not a solution
  • How social injustices raise the vibration of the collective
  • How to hold space for people to relearn and grow
  • A special card pull for the collective