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Happiness Happens

Aug 24, 2020

Zain started out as a Graphic Designer in 2006. When he started college, he was actively engaged in graphic designing, but one class opened his creativity, and the way he looked at art had been completely changed. Prior to the course, he assumed that art was something no more than an aesthetically pleasing painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography.


At the completion of the course, he began thinking of art in a different light. Photography means to paint with light and he soon realized that there was more to photography than pressing a button. He realized the goal of an artist is not simply to create a beautiful picture, rather express opinions, ideas and feelings to a viewer. This is when he began to think of art as a movement of the soul and mind that is brought to life through his work. He has a decade of his photography journey in magazines, fashion, editorials, commercials, and brand companies.


In this episode:

  • How Zain got in to videography and making films
  • Keeping your originality in a creative industry
  • The process of filming and editing films
  • His newest short film, Amber
  • How to create personas 
  • The process of creating genre-specific films
  • A sneak peek at Zain’s upcoming films