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Happiness Happens

Dec 30, 2019

LAST EPISODE OF 2019 and closing this year out with a bang!

You'll love this episode with Jana Stern because it will teach you so much about the spiritual world. Jana is a certified Life Activation™ practitioner, metaphysical energetic healer, meditation guide, clairvoyant, and self love councillor.

She has been on a personal healing journey dealing with her unique version of mental unwellness & eating disorders for more than ten years.

10 years ago in treatment and seeing a number of doctors, therapists and councillors, Jana met a healer who gave her a multitude of healings & tools that had a majorly profound effect on her life. The impact on her mental state, her spiritual gifts and her ability to love herself for who she is was so big for her that she:

 - no longer identifies with any of the aforementioned diagnoses, nor does she deal with those issues 99% of the time 

- made it her life's work to learn these tools so that she is now able to pay the self-love forward to others to help them transform their lives too!

Using her gifts as an empath, she has become a power(light)house guide for anyone seeking to view their shadows and heal themselves. It is Jana's job to act as a Divine mirror for my clients, igniting the potential in them to deeply understand & better themselves on their own healing journeys. 

In this episode:

  • The journey that brought Jana to where she is today
  • Creating a more conscious society technologically and astrologically
  • How our consciousness is evolving
  • How to understand and tap into your intuition
  • Jana's work as an energy healer and profound connections with people
  • Our spiritual guides and who they are
  • Crystals, their purpose, how to pick them and what they do to our energy
  • The importance of taking care of our energy
  • What life activations are and how they benefit you
  • How you can heal your energy

If you are ready to take yourself on and ignite your light then connect with Jana today!