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Happiness Happens

Dec 23, 2019

For Erin Bogle's entire life she has been big: in body and in heart.

For a long time, Erin apologized for her size by altering her life experiences. She missed out on so much because she didn't feel like the world was made for her.

In July 2017, she was searching for a place to belong. She had lost her father to cancer 3 months prior and was craving a safe space to exist - she needed community and needed to feel like she had purpose in this world after living through trauma.

She somehow made friends with grief and realized that she was done feeling like she didn't deserve to take up space in her body. Wellness needed to be a part of her life and Erin needed to do it without the focus of losing weight. So, she started to build a community called Big Girl YYC.

Within a few days of starting her Facebook page, she had over 100 people who wanted to connect. Flash forward two years, the Big Girl YYC community is 3000 strong.

Erin's mission is to be a voice for women who feel like they don't deserve a big life because they live in an under-represented body. As a size inclusive advocate, Erin is dedicated to making you feel heard because she believes we are stronger together, regardless of our size.

In this episode:

  • The journey that brought Erin to where she is today
  • How Erin made the switch to advocacy for women
  • The impact of her community
  • Changing the conversation about weight and body size
  • Shifting your mindset from not feeling like enough
  • Importance of advocacy, community and connection
  • How to help people feel seen
  • Biggest societal misconceptions about size
  • Understanding the root of judgemental thoughts and how to shift them