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Happiness Happens

Dec 2, 2019

Have you ever thought about your personal brand? Or how the way you show up can impact your business, relationships and all of the abundance you receive in your life?

Today on the show we're joined by Jake Karls (also known as Jake the Rover or Mr. hype man). He’s the Co-Founder and social personality of Mid-Day Squares, which is like the modern-day Hershey company, that manufactures functional chocolate snacks. His mandate in life is to spread positive energy and raise awareness about health-conscious alternatives through chocolate and dancing. He loves to dance, make noise and spread good vibes.

He lives by the statement: Start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable because thats when the greatness happens.

So, as I'm sure you can imagine, this episode is packed with fire, energy, and incredible learnings on mindset and leading with your strengths. 

More specifically, we chat about:

  • What kicked off his entrepreneurial views
  • The importance of knowing your strengths and the power it has on being a leader in his industry
  • What builds a strong business and foundation
  • Mid-Day Squares, how it was born and what keeps it going
  • The importance of brand and how it can make or break success
  • Building community in business
  • Empowering yourself and others by being transparent with weaknesses