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Happiness Happens

Sep 9, 2019

I'm so excited for this episode because it was inspired by my community, who took the time to submit six negative beliefs or stories they tell themselves, and gave me the opportunity to reframe them.


Sometimes we subconsciously tell ourselves stories and we don't realize the impact they have on us, or how they may hold us back. The goal of this episode is to help you change your perspective, reframe the way you look at challenges and to dive into specific topics to help you think differently.


We also go into how our limiting beliefs are rooting in feeling like we're not enough, not good enough, not qualified to do something or that other people are better than you. We also talk about fear, how it sneaks in, and what it does when you let it take over.


From body shame, to what we think about our businesses, this episode is filled with golden nuggets of information to help you transform your life.



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