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Happiness Happens

Sep 2, 2019

If you're ready to have your soul lit up and crack your mind right open, this is the episode for you. I spent an incredible hour chatting with Arsenio Buck, fellow podcaster, speaker and teacher. 

Together, we covered so many topics on growth, self love, mindset, and the impact of chasing your dreams. We talk about the power of connectivity through social media and how this has impacted his entire journey, how to break out of the box when you're put into it, and living through intense and daily racial discrimination (all on his own, might I add).

If this isn't powerful enough, we also dove into dealing with family when they aren't supportive, handling other peoples' opinions of you, combating loneliness and finding peace with solitude and how to connect to your higher self without letting ego take over.

All of these combined make for an incredibly powerful episode about designing your life on your terms and, ultimately, the environment you want to live in.