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Happiness Happens

May 10, 2020

This episode with Malia Gudenkauf will inspire you to think about money differently!
Malia is a female millennial money coach. After learning about the world of financial literacy, she paid off $20k in student loans in 10 months & bought her first car with cash. Since she started this journey, she has been so inspired to help & educate as many young women along the way. For Malia, there is no greater feeling than guiding & supporting women to being building their dream life by getting confident about their money & empowered with their financial decisions.
In this episode:
  • How Malia dove into the world of money
  • Building a budget that meets your goals
  • Actionable steps to create more abundance around money
  • Investing to grow your self and business
  • How to pay off any debt with ease
  • Changing your money story
  • Malia's unique methods to paying off debt
  • How to attract more money into your life